We produce machinery and spare parts for the agricultural industry

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Our company focuses mainly on the production of machinery for the agricultural industry and supplies spare parts for:


A granulator is used for the granulation of feed mixtures based mainly on grain groats, mill feeds and other raw materials (e.g. dried fodder plants, beet cuts, dried sawdust, straw, grain dust) whose physical-mechanical properties allow for their agglutination. In case the machine is planned to be used to process a different raw material, it must be agreed by the manufacturer of the machine.


An aspirator is used to pre-clean grains and corn in after-harvest lines and in grain dryers and to clean for the purposes of the food processing industry in grain silos and storehouses or for the preparation of cereals seeds in cereal cleaning stations.

Dough separating machine

A dough separating machine is a fully automatic machine for separating dough and hardening pieces of dough. It usually processes wheat dough of the usual quality with fat content max. 8%. A dough separating machine is part of the bakery line. A dough separating machine is used in bakeries.

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