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Company Profile

Gama Pardubice s.r.o. was established in 1994. Over more than 17 years of successful activities on the market, we have gathered more than 1050 satisfied customers. The following are characteristic features of our company:

  • Stability and tradition
  • Long-term experience in the industry
  • Professional team of experienced professionals
  • High quality of the supplied products
  • Very short delivery times – sufficient stock
  • High-quality customer support and consulting

The production program of the company

The original focus of Gama Pardubice s.r.o. was supplying spare parts for dough separating machines – multimat and other selected bakery technologies originally produced by TMS s.p. (Továrny Mlýnských Strojů Pardubice). Over time and based on the requests of our customers, we have expanded our production program significantly.

The most important stimulus for the expansion of our range of products and services was the closure of TMS s.p. Many customers of this company thus found themselves in a difficult situation. In order to help these customers, Gama Pardubice s.r.o. responded very flexibly to this situation and expanded its production and supplies of spare parts to other industries as well:

  • granulation lines for pellet and granule production
  • receipt, treatment and storage of grains
  • storage and transport of loose raw materials
  • manufacture of feed mixtures

The swift expansion of our range can also be attributed to our team of very experienced professionals as well as to our close cooperation and effective communication with our customers.

Apart from the mentioned spare parts, we also supply a large range of machinery from the former range of TMS s.p. The spare parts are produced in the original fashion, using the materials prescribed by the original technical documentation, which ensures their high quality and reliability in operation.

Service and assembly department

In 2003 we met the demands of many of our customers and extended our range with a new service and assembly department. From that time on, Gama Pardubice s.r.o. offers and provides overhauls and reconditioning of machinery and devices from the above industries.

  • responsiveness
  • good prices
  • prompt deliveries
  • high quality

… have earned us many satisfied customers.


To provide the greatest possible effectiveness of purchased products, we have also expanded our services with advisory activities and consulting. The main advantage of our consulting are – besides the high expertise and long-term experience in the field – our prices. This is because our advisory activities and consulting are free of charge (as part of the purchased product).

24-hour delivery thanks to our good stock

…which is the basis of our flexible and quick response to customer demands. Our customers can be sure that in our stock they will find and receive within 24 hours any normally used spare part. The range of such spare parts was created based on our long-term experience.

Any other parts (even atypical ones) can be supplied as agreed within the shortest possible delivery time.

Who are our customers?

Most of our clients are bakeries, agricultural supply and purchasing firms, agricultural cooperatives, processors of sawdust, straw and, grain dust from across the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.


Almost twenty percent of our total turnover is made up of exports of our products to Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Latvia, Belarus and the Ukraine.

We are ISO 9001:2001 certified

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the formation of our company and also upon the Czech Republic entering the European Union, we saw demands for certification. In June 2004 our company was certified by the certification authority TÜV International s.r.o.. We have implemented and started to use a quality control system based on ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 in the area of sales and service of spare parts for the food processing industry and agricultural machines. From 2011 our company is certified by TÜV Rheinland.

sklad náhraních dílů

sklad náhraních dílů

sklad ND na granulátor

sklad ND na granulátor

sklad dílů spádové dopravy

sklad dílů spádové dopravy

montáž granulátorů

montáž granulátorů

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