Kruhový rozdělovač KR 75

Circular distributor KR75

The circular distributor is a device that, using a rotating elbow-shaped tube and a distributor body with six outlet ports, sequentially changes the direction of the gravitational flow of material in the pipeline. It is used in grain silos and feed production facilities to fill up to six storage spaces (containers) from a single pipe with bulk non-sticky materials, mainly grain and feed mixtures with a moisture content of up to 15%.


The distributor is adjusted using a remote control connected to the terminal box. The rotation is driven by the elbow of the distributor. In the appropriate preset position, the inductive sensor is activated and the control turns off the drive. Rotation is always performed in one direction according to the distributor's label.

The cast iron circular body KR is equipped with six outlet ports around its circumference. On the top surface, there is a plate with an inlet port, a terminal box, and inductive sensors. A rotating distribution elbow is inserted between the body and the inlet port. On the rotating elbow, a ramp is attached, which activates the corresponding inductive sensor for the predetermined position. For a capacity of 32 t/h, reductions are attached to the inlet port and outlet ports using tension straps. The body is mounted on a stand. The elbow sealing in the body is achieved on the lower conical surface with sealing inserts placed in the body grooves, along which the elbow also slides. On the top, a metal sealing ring is pressed onto the face of the elbow through a rubber seal, which is inserted into the groove of the pressure nut, screwed onto the inlet port. The distribution elbow is driven by an electric gearbox with a brake motor using a swing shaft equipped with pins. The swing shaft ensures the proper seating of the distribution elbow between the sealing elements. The inductive sensor wires and brake motor are connected to the terminal box.

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