Downcomer features

Machine Description

The features of the downcomer transport are used:
- at the intake of grain or feed products to silo chambers or storehouse floors
- for entry to silo chambers for the purpose of cleaning or checks

Gama Pardubice manufactures the downcomer features for downcomer transport paths in silos, mills, after-harvest lines, processing plants and production lines.

As standard we have in stock three basic sizes of transport paths: 152mm, 219mm and 273mm:

  • Plate and cast-iron elbows with an angle of 40°, 60°, 75°
  • Downcomer tube
  • Fastening belt
  • Connecting element – diversions 40°, 60°
  • Separating control element (single-sided, two-sided, three-way)
  • By-pass element – closing slides of different types
  • Transitional basket

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