Grain cleaner ASP 750

Grain cleaner ASP 750

The aspirator is used for pre-cleaning grains and corn in post-harvest lines and grain dryers, as well as for food-grade cleaning in grain silos and warehouses or for preparing cereals at seed cleaning stations.


Grain is fed by gravity through a pipe to the inlet hood on the aspiration chamber, with the regulating flap closed. As the grain supply increases and the pressure on the flap increases, it begins to open gradually. By moving weights on the flap arm, a uniform grain distribution is achieved, which also partially adjusts the machine's performance. Before the grain is divided into individual ribs, which are managed by the grain distributor under the aspiration chamber, it is ventilated and rid of light impurities and dust on the front face using a push fan (if equipped) and an aspiration channel.


ASP750 with a capacity of up to 75 t/hour

The divided and partially cleaned grain is fed onto individual ribs with screens B and C. Oscillating movements of the ribs and their inclination transport the grain along the screens. Overflow of screen B and fall-throughs of screen C are led out through chutes on both sides of the machine at the end of the ribs. The overflow of screen C (sorted grain) passes through individual aspiration channels at the outlets into a common outlet basket. Intensive cleaning of the screens is ensured by brush cleaning.

Aspiration channels, both at the inlet and outlet, are led to the aspiration chamber. Light impurities and dust are separated here. Heavier impurities are accumulated in the sealing device and further transported to the separator. Flaps serve to adjust the function of air (aspiration) channels properly. Flap settings and their regulation are performed with levers on the external right side of the aspiration chamber.

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