Granulator TL 700

Use of the Machine

A granulator is used for the granulation of feeding mixtures based mainly on grain groats, mill feeds and other raw materials (e.g. dried fodder plants, beet cuts, dried sawdust, straw, grain dust) whose physical-mechanical properties allow for their agglutination. In case the machine is planned to be used to process a different raw material, it must be agreed by the manufacturer of the machine.

The machine may not work independently, it is part of the technological line.

Machine Description

The granulator works continuously if there is smooth material feed. Stewed or damp raw material is brought into the area of the mould, where using pressing pulleys it is pressed into the holes of the mould and at the bottom of the mould it is cut or broken to rolls (granules, briquettes) that are transported to the exit and from there to a cooling device. The length of granules or briquettes depends on the number of cutting blades and on the amount of fed raw material, i.e. the total performance of the granulator.

Granules - a crushed raw material pressed into the shape of rolls up to 16 mm in diameter
Briquettes - non-crushed or coarsely crushed material in the shape of rolls over 16 mm in diameter

Stewed, damp and crushed raw material is brought from a particular machine that is not part of the granulator. After pressing it is necessary to cool the granules to a temperature of 20°C or to 5°C above the ambient temperature. When dispatching them, the granules must have a temperature of max. 30°C. Pressing the loose raw material through the holes of the mould sometimes results in an unhealthy dusty substance that needs to be exhausted.

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