Pellet press TL 700 - production capacity up to 1 500 kg/hour

Pellet Press TL700 for biomass

The pellet press is used to produce pellets from dried sawdust, straw, hay, corn, sunflower, and agricultural waste (e.g., waste from grain cleaning), whose physical and mechanical properties allow them to bond (the moisture content of the raw material must be between 12 and 15%). We offer pelletizing of test samples and other materials. Samples of cellulose waste, PVC, crushed rubber, and paper have already been successfully tested.


Depending on the type of processed raw material and the desired output, the TL600 or TL700 press mechanism can be used.

TL 700

Production output of 1,500 kg/h with hole diameters in the die of 6-25 mm. The machine is suitable for processing crushed straw and biowaste.

TL 600

Production output of max 800 – 1200 kg/h with hole diameters in the die of 6-12 mm. The machine is suitable for processing biowaste and shredded dried sawdust with a moisture content of 12-14% and a maximum proportion of hardwood sawdust of 19%.

If the equipment is used to process raw materials other than those specified, it must be approved by the manufacturer of this equipment. The machine cannot work independently; it is part of a technological line.

Pellet Press Description

The TL700 pellet press operates smoothly, provided there is a continuous supply of raw material. Properly prepared raw material is fed onto the die surface, where it is pressed into the die holes by pressing rollers and cut or broken into pellets on the underside of the die. These pellets are then transported to the outlet and from there to the cooling equipment.

Pellet length depends on the number of cutting knives and the amount of raw material supplied, i.e., the total output of the TL.

The raw material is supplied from the appropriate machinery, which is not part of the TL. After pressing, the pellets must be cooled to 20°C or 5°C higher than the ambient temperature. During shipping, the pellets must have a maximum temperature of 30°C. Due to the compaction of the bulk raw material through the die holes, hygienically harmful dust pollutants are generated, which must be aspirated.

Consultation and testing

We are happy to advise you on the possibilities of integrating a pelletizing machine into your operation. You can try pelletizing the material for free before purchasing the machine.

Directly from the manufacturer

As the exclusive manufacturer of the TL 700 pellet press, we offer unbeatable options for fast delivery, quality service, and spare parts in stock.


In our offer, you will also find refurbished pellet presses at advantageous prices. For our regular customers, we offer tailored financing options.

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