• Granulator TL 700

    Granulator TL 700

    A granulator is used for the granulation of feeding mixtures based mainly on grain groats, mill feeds and other raw...

  • Pellet press TL700 for biomass

    Pellet press TL700 for biomass

    The machine is used for the production of the pellets – the pelleting of the dried-dust, the straw, the hay, the corn and...

  • Dough separating machine DT

    Dough separating machine DT

    A dough separating machine is a fully automatic machine for separating dough and hardening pieces of dough. It usually...

  • Downcomer features

    Downcomer features

    The features of the downcomer transport are used:
    - at the intake of grain or feed products to silo chambers or...

  • Sealing machine TU 200, TU 250

    Sealing machine TU 200, TU 250

    A sealing machine (hereafter called SM) is a machine that separates a pressurised area from a non-pressurised area and at...

  • Rotational mixing feeder

    Rotational mixing feeder

    A rotational mixing feeder RSP (hereafter feeder) is a device that allows the entry of a product that is supposed to be...

  • Universal sorting unit TUG 1250

    Universal sorting unit TUG 1250

    An universal sorting unit (hereafter called TUG 1250) is used in feed-production and agricultural operations for:

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