Rotary mixing feeder RSP

Rotary mixing feeder

The Rotary Mixing Feeder (RSP), also known as the feeder, is a device that allows the input of a product to be transferred into a pressure conveying pipe, separating the pressure environment inside the pipe from the environment with normal atmospheric pressure, while simultaneously creating a mixture of the product and flowing air in a ratio that enables product transport. Products typically include grains, flour, crushed residues, bran, feed mixtures, premixes, meal, dust, and more.


For the proper functioning of the feeder, it is necessary that the transported material does not contain foreign objects (steel wires, nails, etc., pieces of rope, paper, wood, etc.). The transported material must not contain hard agglomerated pieces (of the material itself) with dimensions larger than 20 mm.

Using it for other materials must be discussed with the manufacturer.

Rotary mixing feeder RSP400

Description of the feeder's operating principle

The material enters the feeder casing through the inlet opening from the inlet hopper and fills the rotor chambers. As the rotor rotates, the filled chamber moves down above the outlet channel at the bottom of the casing, the material falls out and is simultaneously carried away by the flowing conveying air, entering the feeder through the inlet pipe. The mixture of material and air (aerosol mixture) leaves the outlet throat and enters the conveying pipe. The emptied chamber is now filled with air at transport overpressure. It leaves the chamber after turning upward and goes to the filter hoses or aspiration.

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