Rotational mixing feeder

Use of the machine

A rotational mixing feeder RSP (hereafter feeder) is a device that allows the entry of a product that is supposed to be moved to a pipeline of pressurised transport so that it separates the pressurised environment in the pipeline from an environment with a normal atmospheric pressure and at the same time it creates in the product and the flowing air a mixture in a ratio allowing the transport of the product. The product is usually grains, flour, crushed seed cakes, bran, feed mixtures, premix, groats, dust, etc. Any use of different materials must be discussed with the manufacturer. The feeder will work well only if the transported material does not contain any foreign particles (steel wire, nails, pieces of string, paper, wood, etc.). The transported material must not contain any hard agglutinated pieces (of the same material) over 20 mm.

Description of the machine function

The material enters from the input box through the input hole to the feeder box and fills the rotor chambers. With the turning of the rotor the filled chamber goes downwards above the output channel in the lower part of the box, the material falls away and at the same time is carried away by the flowing transport air entering the feeder through the input tube. The mixture of material and air leaves through the output hole to the transport pipeline. The emptied chamber is now filled only with air with transport overpressure. It leaves it after turning upwards to the filter tubes or exhaust.

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