TU250 with upper and lower square flange

Sealing Devices TU200, TU250

Sealing devices are equipment that separates the pressure area from the non-pressure area and simultaneously serves to remove raw materials from the pressure area to the non-pressure area. They are used for the transport of cereals, meal, flour, cereal dust, etc., with a maximum humidity of 14%. They cannot be used for materials characterized by adhesion, stickiness, and abrasiveness.


The casing is equipped with an inlet and outlet throat. On the sides, it is closed with two lids with hubs for bearings and shaft sealing of the sealing roller, which rotates in the casing.

The sealing roller is equipped with six ribs, which create pockets and are connected to the shaft with a conical pin. The shaft is stored in two ball bearings. The drive is standardly equipped with an MRT worm gear motor through a flexible LKN 30 coupling, which is also used to connect sealing devices with each other and with inserted shafts. For end sealing devices, it is possible to use speed control with an inductive probe.

Thanks to the chamber with six rotating ribs, the sealing device separates spaces with different operating pressure

The material falls through the inlet throat onto the rotating sealing roller and fills its pockets. The rotation of the roller transfers it to the lower outlet throat, where it proceeds to the subsequent technology. In doing so, it acts as a seal between the pressurized and unpressurized space.

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Sealing devices TU200 and TU250 are among our traditional products. Years of proven and reliable design provide a high level of reliability in demanding operations

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