Universal sorting unit TUG 1250

Use of the machine

An universal sorting unit (hereafter called TUG 1250) is used in feed-production and agricultural operations for:
- cleaning and sorting grains while using the surface of both screens according to the description. The screens can be arbitrarily changed according to the processed plant
- for sorting granules where there is just one screen used that sorts the produced granules from the chaff. The screen may also be changed according to the granules

Use of the machine

The sorted material enters the machine through two entry holes to the input area, where it is evenly distributed across the width of the sorting machine with two screens by fall-in boxes with a flap with shifting weight. On the screens the material is sorted by returning motion based on an eccentric wheel. The material falls through the upper screen and the particles bigger than the cleaned material move on to the overflow. The material that has fallen on the bottom screen moves on it to the output. Any particles smaller than the bottom screen openings (chaff) fall onto the bottom of the sorting unit and move on to the overflow.

The screen openings are cleansed by nylon brushes moved by the crank mechanism. The lightest particles and dust are exhausted by the exhaust pipeline.

A security device must be built into the pipeline under the outputs; the security device will switch off the drives of the machine in case the pipeline is blocked, preventing damage to the brushes.

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