Grain pre-cleaner PO

Grain pre-cleaner PO

The PO 750 grain pre-cleaner is suitable for coarse pre-cleaning of cereals, corn, and other grains. It is used in grain silos and post-harvest lines or other operations for pre-cleaning dry, bulk materials. It has low power consumption, reliable operation, and compact dimensions.


Grain is fed into the machine through a pipe Ø 219 to the attachment, where in the hopper and further in the chamber using flush and spreading augers, it is spread across the entire width of the machine and opens the flap by its weight, which is balanced with a counterweight on the side of the machine. Cleaning is performed using a rotary screen and airflow. The incoming materials fall through the screen to the outlet and are cleaned by air. Coarse impurities remain on the surface of the rotating screen and overflow to the outlet. Part of the airborne impurities is separated from the airflow in the expansion chamber of the machine. Dust and very light particles are carried to the aspiration separator.
Grain pre-cleaner for grain silos and post-harvest lines
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