Granulator TL 700 - production capacity up to 3 500 kg/hour

TL 700 Granulator for feed mixes

The granulator is used for granulating feed mixes, the main component of which is cereal by-products, mill feeds, and other raw materials (e.g., dried forage, beet pulp, dried sawdust, straw, grain dust) whose physical-mechanical properties allow their agglomeration.


TL 700 - Four-roller head

Production capacity of 2000 - 3500 kg/hour with hole diameter in the die of 3-5 mm. The machine is suitable for processing steamed mixture A3: bran 3%, wheat 47%, MVKA3 3% with a specific weight of 547 kg.m-3.-3.

Granulator description

The granulator operates continuously, provided there is a continuous supply of raw materials. Steamed or moistened raw material is fed onto the die surface, where it is pressed into the die holes by the pressing rollers and cut or broken into pellets (granules, briquettes) on the underside of the die. The pellets are then transported to the outlet and from there to the cooling device. The length of the granules depends on the number of cutting knives and the amount of raw material supplied, i.e., the overall performance of the granulator.

Granules - crumbled raw material, pressed into cylindrical shapes with a diameter of 4-6 mm

TL 700 Granulator with four-roller head

The material falls through the inlet throat onto the rotating sealing roller and fills its pockets. The rotation of the roller transfers it to the lower outlet throat, where it proceeds to the subsequent technology. In doing so, it acts as a seal between the pressurized and unpressurized space.

Consultation and testing

We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of integrating the granulator into your operation. You can try pelletizing the material for free before purchasing the machine.

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